Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Castle Has a New Slogan!

Our good across-the-street neighbors recently formulated a fitting slogan for themselves. Observe:

It's not at all like the 5-Point Cafe's motto: "Alcoholics serving alcoholics since 1929." Not even a little bit. It's totally different, because nobody serves anybody else; they just live together. And if you think the 5-Point's motto is funny, you can go there and buy a t-shirt. You can't do that with the Castle. So as you can see, it's totally different.

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Anonymous said...

Yer kind of a fag dude, I've lived here for a while, and aside from the funny chalk statement on the street(which we do enjoy are drinks). We have a nice community set up. The majority of tenants are artists and musicians who regularly participate in activities with each other. We live in a bar neighborhood and we put up with it, its not so bad. Nightly we tend to graffiti our sidewalks with with fantastic chalk drawings, meet several different and diverse people walking by, play music out on the sidewalk through all hours of the night. We have a great manager who participates in all of it and still manages to do his job, keeping people in the building, getting repairs done that need to be done and keeping the damn crackheads off our block(we probably live on the safest corner within ten blocks every direction. So, I leave you with... Great article, but ya don't know shit, and its great here. :-)