Thursday, July 9, 2009

Downtown's Dumbest Building

OK, I've been learning all about film music for the last several days. It's all taking place at a hotel, of all places, right across the street from the library. Downtown is a very different place; there are few crazy people, there's not much graffiti and almost nobody is smoking crack. But it's also kind of dull. Sure, the buildings are tall and people seem to have a purpose, but its lack of crime and general ugliness makes me feel uneasy.

The other day I was walking around thinking about how much I didn't know about film music when I was reminded that downtown contains at least one very dumb building. It looks normal enough down low:

It's just an ordinary building if you keep your eyes low, but if you look up a little bit...

OK, it still looks like a normal building. If you showed this picture to a cave man, he'd think you were a god. But if you looked up just a bit more...

There it is, folks! It's shaped like a penis! And it houses Seattle's administrative apparatus. What does that say about city government? The really funny thing about it is that the guy who designed it swore up and down that its totally obvious shape was completely unintentional - like it was some kind of accident that made it that way. One day, the construction guys were joking around and... Yes, this is by far downtown's dumbest building. We can accept that many tall buildings are tacitly phallic, but when a structure like this is blatantly so, it seems like overkill.

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