Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Wow, the future crazy people place, known to some as the A.L. Humphrey House, is really shaping up over there at 1st & Cedar. As I've previously mentioned, they're not digging a big hole for the parking garage, because there isn't going to be one. Crazy people don't drive. So the only thing they need to do about now is pour the foundation. That's just what they're up to:

Pretty nice, no? So all of last week's archaeological weirdness was just in preparation for this great moment in concrete. There's also some additional exciting news: Belltown has a new construction crane! Look and also notice the local landmark lurking there in the background like it's supervising things. I got news for you, the Space Needle supervises nothing! OK, have a look now:

True, it's not hugely gigantic, but it is the first new crane in Belltown in at least a year and a half. The last one was for the Escala at 4th & Virginia. Back in the nineties, they were spread out all over the neighborhood horizon. Hope was in the air and a bright new tomorrow was on the way. What happened?? We just got a lot of crappy buildings that were built hastily and sloppily. These days, a construction crane is an oddity in these parts. You have to go to South Lake Union (AKA Allentown, because Paul Allen's doing almost all the developing) to get an idea of what Belltown looked like back then. It's funny though, almost all of those new buildings in the SLU area are very pleasing. They all have this solid-yet-spacious look to them, whether they're office buildings or apartments/condos. Take a look at them. Some of the ones along Westlake are downright lovely. Once again, Belltown got the short end of the aesthetic stick, but hey, what else is new? Face it, ugliness is an integral part of the neighborhood.

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