Monday, November 30, 2009

As Predicted...

Folks, I'm no mad street prophet. I merely predicted the future based on my past experience in Belltown. I knew that if the Cristalla did nothing about the horrid graffiti on their unattractive south wall, more horrid graffiti would follow. The prophesy has been fulfilled. Here's the wall a bit over a month ago:

Yes, lovely, isn't it? Well here's what it looked like as of this morning:

Even lovelier, no? Here's what the entire south wall of this multi-multi-million dollar condo building looks like:

It doesn't exactly exude class.

Let me reiterate the point of my first post: terrible graffiti accumulates. If you wipe it out quickly, dumbass taggers will eventually find another spot for their dumbass tags. Now, if I was a tenant of the Cristalla, I'd be all over maintenance to get rid of those tags. After all, the building charges maintenance fees, so why aren't they maintaining the appearance of the building? Yeah, I'd be kind of pissed off at them about now. I mean, what's next, panhandlers in the lobby? And like I previously said, even my old, creaky, perpetually-broke building is better at taking care of these problems than a big, rich, gleaming condo tower is. But hey, I don't live there. And thank God for that, because I'd totally be in major debt with condo payments and all. I just expect better things from more expensive places.


Anonymous said...

Another prophesy - It won't be long before someone posts a comment whining about how dumbass taggers are really "misunderstood artists".

Igor Keller said...

O lordy, you are hilariousifying me! I see your prophesy and raise you a pointless street project on 3rd Avenue!

ruffhauser said...

I'd be pissed too. My building rarely gets tagged, but when it does, a building maintenance guy is out there quickly to paint over it, and I don't live in a $1 million dollar condo.