Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, the last time we checked, not much was happening - or so it seemed. But things have really taken off these last few weeks. Let's have a look at the Recovery Cafe at 2nd & Bell. It's always first, because it is the way of things:

See? A whole new floor and no more potato chip truck! Yes, things are going very fast. But it's all very measured in comparison to the A.L. Humphrey at 1st & Cedar. Here's what's going on there:

Apologies once again for that tilted first shot. I was shooting into the sun. I haven't had that problem for quite a while. In fact, I haven't seen the sun for days. Well, that's non-summer in Seattle, sweet people. Anyhow, as you can see, A.L. Humphrey's got another floor and all sorts of other jazz. Ain't that spectacular. I originally predicted that they'd be done by Christmas, but now I'm gonna revise that back to Presidents' Day. Or possibly the first rainy day of spring. They have three more floors to go. Let's wish them plenty of luck.

And now let us close as we usually do, with a look up at the A.L. Humphrey's crane. You know, the Recovery Cafe also has a crane, but it's far less impressive, so I don't include it. Come to think of it, the A.L. Humphrey's crane isn't that compelling either - especially compared to what used to tower over Belltown. But it's the best we've got, so let's love it:

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