Monday, November 23, 2009

After Hours

VIA Gra. Biologiya

Mere words cannot describe this video. You just have to watch it to believe that human beings actually created this intentionally for other human beings. Apparently, this group is Ukrainian, but does it really matter? Being absolutely bimbo-tastic is a universal thing. If there was any justice in this world, "bimbo" would be a nationality or maybe even an ethnicity. I really thought that t.a.T.u. was the last word in trashiness, but VIA Gra leaves them far behind. Just the name (get it??) should alert you to serious trash ahead. But this video goes way beyond Zhanna Friske's slutty tennis or t.a.T.u.'s fake lesbi-antics. Like I said, watch this video. Among many other things, it's about science. And old guys losing control. And singers writhing in slow-mo. Enjoy.

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