Sunday, November 22, 2009

High Winds or Strong Drunks?

Another day, another wind storm. That's the way it's been around here lately. And just a few days ago I was saying how Belltown never loses trees when it storms. I might have spoken too soon. As I was walking downt he street yesterday, I saw this:

And I'm thinking, that another branch has blown down and that I'll soon be using the headline "We Can Haz Wind Damage, Part Deux" or something similar. But no, it was actually the whole dang tree. Observe:

Poor tree, that pear tree. A moment of silence, please. Of course, I'm wondering who or what is responsible. It takes a lot to break a tree off at the base like that. I'm just thinking that it could have been a a bunch of brawny drunks. Why would they do it? Why not? Drunks don't need a reason. Neither does the wind. It's anybody's guess. So OK, if it was the wind, I take back my assertion that we never lose trees. If not, well, allow me to reassert my previous assertion.


Jim said...

My guess is a vehicular homicide.

Igor Keller said...

My inner CSI noticed that there were no tire tracks in the vicinity, but a car is a definite possibility.