Friday, November 20, 2009

The Trivia Triumphs Continue!

I can't believe I haven't written about this till now. It should have been my first post, fer Pete's sake! I guess I was in such a state of bliss that clean forgot about it or something. OK, so last night I was again playing the part of alternating sub at Jillian's trivia when, by the time the final bonus round was upon us, I became the ringer sub. The category was the Simpsons, more specifically, celebrities who voiced themselves on the show through the years. They would put a picture up on the video screen and you had to identify it. It being the 21-point bonus round, if you answered wrong, they would deduct from the team's score. It was completely easy. We ran the category and took the contest by a single point. That earned us a whopping $55. Not only that, but the team secured a top-four playoff berth - it's actually a trivia series, not just a one night stand. So that happened. It was really gratifying, especially since I had done little to aid the team up until that point. But the categories were pretty tough: TV series anagrams, random indie rock songs from 25 years ago till present and things like that. OK, I did do pretty well on the Seattle sports stars category. Yes, I know what Warren Moon looks like. Good for me. The only one we missed was Gus Williams, and he totally looked different from his playing days. I'm pretty sure everybody missed it. It doesn't matter. We won. Ah, sweet victory!

My career stats with these guys (who really have a terrible team name, but for certain reasons will not change it to the Christ Punchers) is 8th place (my first time out with them), 5th place, 1st place, 3rd place, 1st place. Not too bad. I think they're wheeling in the really big guns for the playoffs. I don't mind. This particular quiz is really quite difficult, which is why it's so cool to win. If I could find pop music, movie and puzzle nerds I could field my own team. But that's something for the future file. At present, I can't even round up enough people to compete at Buckley's.

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