Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Security House Scaffold-Watch: Week 5

Well, the Security House was not favored with this morning's sun, but when does any circumstance of lighting favor it? You have to admit that it's not a very pretty building. In fact, if you built four Security Houses side-by-side, you could fool people into thinking they were somewhere in the former Soviet bloc - such is the building's level of unadorned charmlessness. But why the hell would you want to build four of them? One is quite enough. Anyhow, I have a bit more speculation about what may be going on beneath that very attractive sheet of plastic: it is my theory that they are preparing to stage the world's largest puppet show. At present, they're in the rehearsal stage, but very soon, they'll cut holes in the very beautiful plastic curtain and hundreds of puppeteers will put on a memorable show that will be completely coherent to everyone standing on the ground. It's gonna totally set a world record and Belltown will finally be known for more than crack smoking and public vomiting.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, would that it were true. *delighted hand-clapping* Puppets!!!