Monday, November 16, 2009

After Hours

Fabrika. Ne vinovataya ya ("It's not my fault")

Ah, the joys of being a kept woman/escort! If you get tired of your date, you can just head off to the ladies' room and make fun of them. That's what the video tells us. Of course, the song is about something else; it merely has to do with the sad fact that out of eight daughters, she's the only one without a man. This is kind of weird since there are three babes in the group. How can three of them all be in the same predicament? Beats me, but I really like this tune. And Fabrika (Yeah, it means "factory." Why? I have no idea.) isn't quite as trashy as other Russian groups - for example Via Gra. Yeah, there's really a girl group called that. But all in good time. This is one of Fabrika's better tunes, a slick little twisting bossa nova. My favorite part is the sax player in the toilet stall. All sax guys sound much better playing in lavatories. It's all that tile. OK, so this isn't really bad Russian pop music. In fact, it's pretty good. For that I apologize. Just wait till next week, though.

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