Thursday, November 19, 2009

Say Hello to Your Newest Parking Lot, Belltown!

It's a new parking lot! Or, as my deaf great aunt used to say, "packin' lat." Funny thing, she was actually from Chicago, lived in Washington DC, but spoke with a New England accent. For years, I thought that was how deaf people talked. She lost her hearing in her forties after they gave her morphine at the hospital and she had an allergic reaction. Apparently, that's when she started sounding like she was from central Boston. Now you know the full story. OK, so less great aunt, more parking lot, you're probably saying about now.

I'm pretty sure that Martin Selig owns the whole block between 3rd & 4th and Battery & Wall. It was probably his decision to bulldoze the one-story complex, formerly used by the Free Sheep Foundation, so he could make a few bucks as a parking merchant. Here is what Belltown's newest parking lot looks like:

Pardon all the water, it was raining really hard. There it is, folks! Sure, it's not a very creative way to use the land, but creativity costs money. If it was my call, I'd build a roller coaster on that and the adjoining lot and keep it open 24 hours a day. That's what I'd do. Nobody has yet to compliment me on my business acumen. Enjoy your newest parking lot, everybody!


Skippy said...

I work in the adjacent building, and I'm 99% certain that the parking in that lot is for the building tenants, and not a pay lot.

Igor Keller said...

Gosh, that makes the demolition of the Free Sheep Building seem even less necessary. Thanks very much for the tip, though.

The Worst Magician said...

They originally had a notice of use of property on the sheep foundation that said they where going to turn it into a two store building for retail spaces.

I think the bad economy made them turn it into a temporary parking lot.