Thursday, November 19, 2009

We Haz A Wind Damage!

You know, another fine thing about living in Belltown is that during windstorms we never lose power. All the electrical lines are underground. So take that, places that aren't Belltown! Well, we did actually lose power about 10 years ago, but that was due to an underground fire at 1st & Lenora that City Light accidentally set themselves. It took them about 8 hours to fix. In addition, our sparse greenery tends not to blow down. This isn't true around the rest of Seattle. Trees blow down everywhere else and there is great weeping and consternation to accompany the loss of power. But sometimes, one of our precious tree-residents loses a limb. This was the scene at 3rd & Blanchard:

Walk it off, big guy! You'll be fine!

So for those of you keeping score at home, here's how it adds up:

Places with lush greenery and verdant forests - 0
Barren, crack-saturated urban war zone - 2

Hooray for us!

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