Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Was A Workin' Man. Oh, Yeah.

Hey, yesterday was pretty unusual for me. I actually worked! And it happened right here in Belltown at this very building:

Let's see, what's a good nickname for this place? I mean, anything beats the "Fourth & Battery Building," which is its official moniker. OK, it's owned by Martin Selig and it's vaguely modern. How about "Selig's Space Station?" Urgh, I give up! For years and years, I've had no opinion about this building. It was merely there. It always reminds me of the alpha building in a suburban office park. God knows it's just that charming. Anyhow, I worked here yesterday. It's been quite a while since I've labored and guess what? It hasn't changed a bit! Since I've been out of the workforce, nobody's figured out a way to hook into a computer network via mental telepathy or anything cool like that. No, office work is still office work. But this place was pretty super-nice and they're having me back next week. And once again, I shall be a workin' man.

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