Friday, November 6, 2009

After Hours

Django Reinhardt. J'attendrai Swing

Most of the time, I avoid listening to jazz guitar. That's just the way I'm built. But there are certain figures whose playing surmounts my prejudices. There's Charlie Christian, Barney Kessel and, in particular, Django Reinhardt. Lord knows how he got so good all the way over there in Europe, but he did. This clip shows him loungin'/strummin' and then in action with the rest of the band. It's very stylish. I used to think that Europeans couldn't play jazz well - not now, not ever. But listening to Django and band, changed my mind. Now I'm partial to the belief that, with notable exceptions, they haven't been able to play jazz since the days of Django. Gosh, it's nice to see him in action. This is a rarity. Most of his clips on the YouTubes are of the "aftermarket" variety. There is precious little live footage of him. So this is a real uncommon thing. Treat it with reverence, willya?

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