Wednesday, November 11, 2009

After Hours

Françoise Hardy. I sentimenti

Here's FH singing in Italian in 1967. It's especially inspiring to see the guy in the background hugging his accordion and gettin' down. I like this tune. It's very simple, which is why I think they went with the overproduction option. I don't mean that in any pejorative sense - it's just that they were trying for a kind of European version of the "wall of sound." They're partially successful, no? I've been search the YouTubes for the original in French called "Et même." So far no luck. I did find this version in English called "However Much" from 1965, though. Here it is:

This is from her "Piccadilly Show" special, where she wanders around London, lipsynching about a dozen tunes. The guy at the end appears in about half of the clips. He's a comic sign-hanger-person. He doesn't really perform much of a function here. As for FH, she comes off as the world's best-looking obsessive stalker. To be honest, I actually like the Italian version better.

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