Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's the Hold-up, Night Kitchen?

You'll recall that I was getting very excited for the grand opening of the Night Kitchen, right? According to their sign, they were supposed to open on Halloween. But this is what it looked like yesterday:

In case the photo doesn't capture it, the place is very much not open. Sure, they have the basic restaurant components there - tables, chairs, microwave, cash register - but they're all weirdly arranged around the premises.

OK, so their sign lied to me. Why would a sign lie to a person anyway? I sincerely hope that this restaurant doesn't close down before it has a chance to open. Come on, Night Kitchen, put some speed on it. Dearly departed Entre Nous left a very nice little space for you. A lot of renovation wasn't necessary. Please put up a sign that doesn't lie and I will be there on opening night, OK? Great. See you soon.

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