Friday, November 6, 2009

Construction Update!

I think I've hit on a really swell way to show how much work is being done on the Recovery and A.L. Humphrey: contrasting a current photo with a recent photo. Golly, where do I get the brilliance? Ok, so that's just what I'm gonna do right now. First, the Recovery Cafe:

Pardon that potato chip truck! So yeah, some progress in the last two weeks, not a whole lot. I certainly couldn't do any better. And now on to the A.L. Humphrey House:

Sorry about the tilt on the bottom photo. I was taking pretty much straight into the sun (back when we had it) and was confused by it - so high up in the sky and so forth. As far as progress goes, there hasn't been much over the last two weeks. I dunno, maybe everyone has just been sweeping up after the last few months of buildin' things fast. In any case, construction continues. And what progress report would be complete without a shot of the A.L. Humphrey's crane? No progress report at all, I tell you. Here it is:

The proximity of the sun makes it look like it's about a million degrees out, but I assure you it was not.

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