Friday, November 20, 2009

Here's a Random Thing!

So I'm just out walking the other day and I see this sight in the alley on Cedar, between 3rd & 4th:

Sure, it's a run-down armchair; its upholstery is worn out and its spring are most likely shot and it is sitting next to a garbage can, but isn't there something inviting about this? Yes, it's a shame that it's being tossed out after no doubt years of faithful service. But don't you just want to go sit down and relax right there? I sure did. I had to tell myself that it was too bum-like of a move. At present, I'm already just a little to close to that lifestyle choice, so why steer heedlessly towards those rock by taking a rest on a discarded chair? I only paused long enough to take a picture, but I couldn't help wondering for the rest of the day whether the chair was comfortable or not. In fact, I still ask myself that question.

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