Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Last week it was international cabaret, now it's international comedy. Will this spirit of world cooperation never cease? In this case, "international" means that there's one guy from North Carolina. And it's a competition, so I'd expect that at least somebody will have their hair extensions sabotaged at some point. I'm totally looking forward to things getting catty during the swimsuit portion of the show. The important thing is that after 23 gigs over 26 days, everything will get decided here. The lucky "winner" will get money, booze, guns and hookers. And if he - and indeed, it's all guys, unless Paul Hooper from Charlotte is really a woman - already has a lot of those items, he'll get even more and they'll be of better quality. Past "winners" include Patton Oswalt, the pre-dead version of Mitch Hedberg and - God help us all - Ross Shafer.

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