Sunday, November 15, 2009

Your Sunday Squirrel

OK, that's not quite the end. I was also intent on either confirming or refuting the rumor that BC has black squirrels. With my remaining time yesterday afternoon, I went off to Beacon Hill Park to investigate. At first, I saw no squirrels, but many ducks. There were even wood ducks. They don't quack; they peep. Some distance away from there, I saw a regular gray squirrel. He was not friendly, but he did pause on this stump for a moment before going about his squirrel-business:

A little further along, I spied something dark in the distance. It moved. I approached with caution, like I was tracking a freaking unicorn. This fellow was also not friendly (what is up with these BC squirrels?) and quickly climbed a tree, but I did get two shots of him courtesy of my zoom function:

So it's true! There are black squirrels in BC! I was thrilled. As I continued along, I noticed more and more of them. Finally, one came up to me. This is the best I could get of him:

He looks a little like a cat, but I assure you that he's all squirrel.

So to reiterate: British Columbia totally has black squirrels. I'm told that Bellingham has them, too, but that is a quest for another day.

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Jim said...

I told you they were real.