Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eye Guy's Latest

And when I say "latest," I mean from the last month or so. He hasn't been too active in the last few months, but have any of us. My friend Jim spotted some of his trademark work in Tacoma. Hey, why mess around in Tacoma when you can contribute to Seattle's urban nightmare? See, I ask the important questions.

Here's something on the side of the New Pacific Apartments (aka the starting point for Jeff Bridges' extravagent walk through Seattle at the beginning of Fabulous Baker Boys) at 1st & Vine. Poor Eye Guy is still dealing with water solubility issues like with this:

This is quite the inferior work. I mean, is that tag really necessary? We all know it's Eye Guy.

A lot of his stuff has gone on signs. I'm not sure that those are the best place for the eyes. Witness:

It doesn't work too well, does it? But this kind of does:

This is also on Vine Street, at 2nd Ave. I think the fact that it's on the reverse side makes it work. Overall, it's the best of the lot. Funny thing, just when I think that Eye Guy's stuff is declining precipitously in quality, he'll do something surprising and cool. Come on, man, gimme some of that old magic!

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