Wednesday, January 6, 2010

McGuire Scaffold-Watch! Week: ???? + 38

During the holidays, all was bright, but around the McGuire, things were not calm. The dwarf army was laying into the place with a vengeance. Every time I walked by, there was all kinds of grinding noise coming from the building's slopes. That's all they seem to do there. They grind morning, afternoon and late afternoon. I'm not sure what this does for the McGuire inherent shoddiness, but I sure hope they replace some of the bits they grind away. Otherwise, people's apartments will eventually lost their walls and be exposed to the element. And that would be almost as bad as being homeless. Me, I think that having to look out at a scaffold is a violation of one's civil rights. You long-suffering McGuire slobs have a right to an unobstructed view. But then again, if you were living in a non-crappy building, it wouldn't be an issue. The important thing is that you're providingwork for the dwarf army. It's a good thing to keep them active or they're likely to stir up trouble with the mole people again. And we totally don't want that.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. I'm loving your scaffold watch posts, but for the love of god, when will one of the residents respond!!!!?