Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Trip to the Zoo

I heard the other day that they're closing the Woodland Park Zoo's nocturnal house. What's going to become of the bushbabies and the Rodriguez fruit bats? They'll probably give them ten bucks and a bus ticket and send them on their way. Sorry, creatures of the night, try another city.

This being January, things were very quiet. The red panda was in an even deeper sleep than usual. The penguins were downright boring - not swimming or frolicking, just standing around waiting for life to happen. Observe:

Nothin' to see here, folks. Move along. You know, there was more action going on in the reptile house:

Look at that guy go! I continued on to the nocturnal house and saw them feed the night-time anteaters. Sorry, no pictures. It was dark and all I had was my cell phone.

I walked on, saw some kangaroos, tried to see some bears and various other animals. I also saw a squirrel. Here he is pretending to be in the forest:

And here he is after diving into a trash can and fishing out a Cheeto:

He should come to Belltown and ransack our trash! He's very good at it.

I imagine that I'll go again to see the nocturnal house a few more times before they close it. But for now, that was my trip to the zoo. The end.

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