Friday, January 15, 2010

So Long, Flying Fish

Well folks, the Flying Fish (aka the Frying Fish) is pulling up stakes and moving out of the neighborhood. Since 1995 (has it been that long?), they've been at 1st & Bell, dishing up all kinds of yumminess. They're still dedicated to that principle; they just plan to do it somewhere else - like South Lake Union, for example. Uh...OK. This spring, they'll relocate to Westlake & Thomas, into one of Paul Allen's nice new buildings. You know, that part of town is notoriously dead at almost all times of day. I mean, it's so dead that light can barely escape. Maybe the new-and-improved Flying Fish is exactly what the neighborhood (or that particular stretch of Westlake) needs in terms of a commercial jump start. Boss-lady Chris Keff seems confident that they'll do good business. I have my doubts. What I don't doubt is that the food will be really good. So if South Lake Union is too far for you to travel, go visit them soon.

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