Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turn, Turn, Freakin' Turn!

You know, I had great ambitions last summer of photographing all of Belltown's lushest greenery while there were leaves aplenty. This mainly involved walking down 4th & 5th block by block, because all the other streets just don't pack the same punch. I wanted to be able to compare shots from high summer to the dead of winter. Well, it's pretty much the dead of winter, so I tried my best to duplicate the summer shots. It seems that I only took three shots in this grand effort. Let's have a look at the then and now. Here is 6th & Wall:

OK, sun's shining/it's quite dreary. Through the magic of photographs, we now go to 5th & Wall:

Sun-dappled/bleak and cheerless. And finally, 4th & Wall:

You can see with your own eyes that things have changed. For one thing, there aren't any leaves on the trees. Then there's the overall grimness of the landscape. It doesn't bother me, but if I had SAD right now, I'd be selling a cornea to get a ticket to Hawaii. Anyhow, things change. Leaves fall and the overall landscape becomes something else entirely. So there's your contrast in seasons, kiddo.


Kevin said...

I really liked those photos, as I notice that a lot myself. I mean, it is pretty much taken for granted that the seasons change, but how much the seasonal change leads to changes in one's personal life is quite amazing.

I think I might want to do this for the Sculpture Park this year.

Jim said...

I was just looking at your photos of Seattle at 101 degrees. Kind of hard to imagine today.

Poppl said...

I love how trees and shrubs look in the winter. You can see their bones. Must've been all that Robert Frost...