Thursday, January 14, 2010

Construction Round-Up!

Gather round and see how fast things are going up. I think you'll agree that they just charging along. Here's the Recovery Cafe a few weeks ago:

And here it is now:

They've added a floor and lots of other stuff.

Let's have a look at A.L. Humphrey then:

And now:

They haven't added any more floors, but they're filling out the interior structure. So yes, everything is being built super-fast. With all these rapid results, you might be thinking, "Hey, why can't they fix the McGuire as fast?" Well, the problem is that once it's built, it's a lot harder to undertake massive repairs, even if you've hired an entire dwarf army for the venture. That's why it's important to build it right the first time.

Oh, and here's the crane.

Yeah, it's really not impressing me any more.

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