Monday, January 11, 2010

After Hours

Zhanna Friske & Tanya Tereshina. Western

Well, Zhanna's at it again. This time she has help from fellow Russian pop tartlet, Tanya Tereshina. They get to writhe and grind a bit in the desert in a way that totally doesn't correspond to the tune, which is really full of words. I mean, Zhanna doesn't know how to fix a car and what's up with the guitar case full of money? Anyhow, it's another fine trashy performance for Zhanna and guest. By the way, there's a video on YouTube of Tanya getting into a fight with a station manager who doesn't like this tune too much. I'd post it, but it's all in Russian and besides the part that Tanya tackles the station manager, it's not too interesting.

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