Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Security House Scaffold-Watch: Week 12

Gosh, I was thinking that work on the Security House would be done by now. After all, unlike the McGuire, it was solidly constructed and has stood the test of several decades. True, it is quite an unattractive building, but Belltown's full of those, so I'll just quit my yammerin' about that. Although not home to the best views in the neighborhood, I'm sure they're much more preferable than spending all day looking at the plastic sheeting. I'm pretty sure most SH residents forget what the outside world looks like, the poor dears. I believe that I predicted that the scaffold will be gone soon. I stand by that, as it seems that three months is plenty of time to get everything accomplished. Or at least it seems like it. Of course, it would help if I knew what they were doing, but that sort of thing involves asking questions and I'm shy that way. So for the moment, I'll just knit me brow over the situation.

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