Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh, the Humanity!

Well, it appears that the dream is over for International Kitchens at 2nd & Vine. Here is a bad picture. I tried, but there were no good ways to photograph it. It's simply not a very photogenic retail space. Observe:

They're not abandoning operations completely; they're just ceding Belltown to the rising tide of kitchen tribalism. If people around here really want an international kitchen, they'll have to go to Bellevue for it. And speaking of that, what exactly is an international kitchen? I understand why people would want German appliances or French layouts, but what if I wanted a Gambian kitchen? Can they hook me up? Or if I was really adamant, could they build me a Ukrainian kitchen? For the uninitiated, it's a building kept separate from the house, usually standing on the opposite side of the yard. This is done, they told me, in case any of the gas containers used for cooking should explode. The resulting devastation would only extend to the kitchen itself and any casualties would be suffered by the womenfolk. But the house proper and the men would be fine. That was apparently the strategy. But anyhow, could they organize a Ukrainian kitchen for me? How about a Brazilian kitchen? Exactly how international are they?

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