Monday, January 4, 2010

After Hours

XS. Silikonoviye mozgi (Silicone brain)

OK, here's the deal: last week's Ukrainian music run yielded some really wild stuff, but it was in Russian. Ukrainian pop groups generally sing in both languages, so this week I'll feature the Russian side of Ukrainian music. Today's offering is from XS. Wait a second, is that the same group that was in last week's video with that nutty Skriabin guy singing in Ukrainian? Yes, but if I'm not mistaken that XS and this one contain none of the same personnel. Gosh, are singers that interchangeable over there? Anyhow, from the context of the video, you can kind of guess that this tune isn't really about brains at all. It's really about getting breast implants. I like the whole hyper-commercial look and feel. Things that read "for adults only," "XS is the #1 group,"super-hit" and "Moskvich 2140 SL, 5000 hrivny" (that a model of car and what it costs in Ukrainian currency). And there's even a little bit of (completely unnecessary) rapping by MC Tamerlane. How about that? You know, for a country with a very large inferiority complex, the Ukrainians can really do glossy, overtly suggestive videos really well.

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