Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After Hours

Jacques Dutronc. Mini mini mini

This is Jacques Dutronc from 1966 singing (barely) a tune about fashion and Albert Schweitzer. You'll also notice the lovely FH guest starring. She is at times tiny and at other times colossal. But she does have nice legs. She and Jacques have been together for all this time. As far as the better musician goes, I'm a firm believer in FH. She was a better singer and performer and she was way better looking. Dutronc's stuff is a little intriguing because of its relentless headbanging simplicity. It was ahead of its time in terms of sounding like punk rock, but I doubt that anybody from the Sex Pistols listened to Jacques and got ideas. The fact that Jacques' stuff sounds like early punk rock is just a coincidence. I mean, if you listen to French punk music from the seventies, it sounds nothing like this. If anything, this tune sounds like early American punk. And I'm not sure anybody was listening to him over here. Like I said, coincidence. And FH has nice legs. She says something funny at the end, but I don't know exactly what she says, so I'm not gonna try to translate it. But she does say something about everybody in England wearing miniskirts, as well as the Scottish.

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