Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Places: Part 3

This place is going in right across the street from me (where Velocity Art & Design used to be) here at the 2nd & Blanchard vortex:

It might be called Respect the Magic. You know, I'd be pretty excited if it was a magic store - as the name kind of suggests - but no, it's a tattoo parlor. How do I know? Well, there's this sign:

They're not quite open yet, but when they are, anybody can leave Belltown with a souvenir of their binge drinking - in tattoo form! I recommend the burning skull. By my reckoning, this is Belltown's only tattoo shop since the one over Dennis' Murder Mart at 2nd & Bell closed last year. You'd think that what with all the weekend drunkenness around here, there'd be tons of tattoo places to take advantage of that, like in Pioneer Square. Well, this is the first - perhaps of many. Me, I see no point in ink. That's just me. Some people look good with tattoos. But they also generally look good without tattoos. I scoff at the self-expression argument that many who have lots of random tattoos make. Self-expression doesn't extend itself to a rendering of Betty Boop on one's arm. If you want to really express yourself, write a freakin' novel. Tattoos are merely vanity. Hey, if it's so important as to be permanently inked onto your skin, you can probably write a play or a song about it, no?

Anyhow, regardless of my feelings about tattoos, I'm sure they'll be very good across-the-street neighbors. They'll also probably be a pretty good source of revenue for the V Bar. Gosh, I hope that place stays open! I'm doing my part by going there as often as I can.

So welcome to the neighborhood, tattoo merchants!

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