Thursday, January 14, 2010

After Hours

Sylvie Vartan. Dans tes bras (je veux l'oublier)

Here's Sylvie from 1965 with a "wall of sound" attempt. It's actually more of a "chainlink fence of sound." Golly, she's really belting it out - and she doesn't really need to. Just let the microphone do the work, baby! But still it's a fun tune. In just a few short years, Sylvie would be getting in more than her fair share of car accidents (she survived all of them) and becoming a Barbarella-like character for a short time. She's still around these days and remains almost everyone's favorite Franco-Armenian-Bulgarian singer. Charles Aznavour (who is also still very much alive) is merely Franco-Armenian, so he's in a different category.

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