Thursday, January 21, 2010

After Hours

Sheila. Ecoute ce disque

Here's Sheila from the early-mid-sixties doing a very ordinary video for a very ordinary tune. But there are two things that distinguish it. First of all, the instrumental break is played on a MUSICAL SAW!! Lord, how completely insane and gratifying. Don't try to stop the saw! Secondly, about the first two minutes of this video is all one take, as is the last minute-plus. That's kind of an achievement. The more stuff I see by Sheila, the more I realize that she's quite the consummate professional. That doesn't mean that every one of her tunes is good. This one certainly isn't, but I'll tell you, the musical saw saves it from being bad.


Saw Lady said...

Thank you for this video, on account of the musical saw solo. I wish I knew who the saw player was...

All the best,

Saw Lady

Igor Keller said...

Thanks for the visit. You play a wonderful instrument!