Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Places: Part 2

Yeah, terrible name. From the looks of it, they're striving for class. Good luck with that! Minnie's did no such thing and they survived for at least 20 years. Whym tried to improve slightly on that concept and was gone in five months. There is no magic formula.

All I can tell you is that many found Minnie's a wonderful place to hang out. They were open round the clock, so you could stay there for hours. Their food was always moderately terrible, but it was relatively cheap. Me, I kind of hated the place, but legions of people did not. Whym, of course, wasn't around long enough to make an impression on anybody. Let's hope that Blush will appeal to massive amounts of people - so much so that the name will no longer sound dumb.

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