Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weep, O Creature of Eye Guy!

I know that Eye Guy has used a variety of paints, markers and whatnot, but this is indeed new territory. Folks, welcome to water-soluble country!

This is at 4th & Wall. With all the rain we've gotten of late, I'd be surprised if it was still there. I'm thinking that his choice of markers was a mistake and not an intentional concession of his creation to the elements. No Eye Guy, you haven't reached that sublime level yet. It was a boo-boo on your part. I'll tell you what I like, though. It's this from 4th & Cedar:

Isn't that sort of interesting? And it's nice that he didn't draw it on everything single one of those anti-skater things. I approve of that. It just has so much more going for it than stuff by other dumbass taggers.

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