Friday, January 8, 2010

After Hours

Via Gra. LML

We end Ukrainians-singing-in-Russian week with a tune from Via Gra. A while back, I posted a clip by these guys called "Biologiya." It was completely crazy. This one is much more measured. And a good deal more lush. You'll also notice that the band's roster has completely changed. What is up with these Slavic girl groups? They're always shuffling personnel. And their fans don't seem to be especially loyal to any combination or configuration. It merely depends on what the tune is, not who sings it. This is mostly because Russian/Ukrainian pop music is generic. The music thumps along and lyrics about love and loneliness (the two most popular topics in pop music history) play out in a catchy way. There are exceptions, but most of these tunes are interchangeable.

By now you're probably wondering what "LML" is. I have no idea. I've listened to it several times and they just sing "it's better to be my favorite LML," like everybody knows what it's supposed mean. If somebody knows what it is, for the love of God, tell me. Thanks.

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