Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

What's not to appreciate? Well, I guess squirrels could have broken into your house and stolen your computer or prescription meds or something. Most squirrels aren't like that. They just want to eat peanuts and climb trees. Around here, we have gray squirrels, like nearly all those featured on Sunday Squirrel. If you can remember way back to mid-November, you'll know that I confirmed the presence/existence of black squirrels in British Columbia, like so:

There are red squirrels back east, but did you know that they have white squirrels in North Carolina? It's true, look:

There are enough of them that they have a White Squirrel Festival in Brevard, NC every year. Me, I think we should have a gray squirrel festival around here. The squirrels might not understand, but I think it would be a good excuse to drink.

Anyhow, let's appreciate all the squirrels out there. Not running them over qualifies as appreciation. I'm off to Denny Park to hand out peanuts then I'm gonna see Avatar at the IMAX, because why not?

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Jim said...

I remember reading a piece in the New Yorker some years ago about people in Kentucky getting Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease from eating squirrel brains. So on this special day, let the squirrels frolic and save yourself from a most unpleasant death.