Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to the Neighbohood!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about this new coffee shop that was opening at 2nd & Bell. That's great and all that, but it seems that reality has set in a little for them. Observe:

In case it's not so clear, it reads "WE ARE ALL WATCHING YOU & TAKING PICTURES. LEAVE." Below that, it has the words "COFFEE" with an arrow pointing toward their shop, and "CRACK" with an arrow pointing in the opposite direction. Yeah, that's a particularly bad corner and it's a noble effort to try to clean up the neighborhood, but it's going to take more than chalk on the sidewalk in front of Dennis' Murder Mart to change things. It took several years for things to get so awful. It'll take just as long for them to get better.

I really can't blame them for objecting to Belltown's crack tourism, but let's get real. I mean, didn't they look around the corner before they signed the lease? Well, they would have seen some of this neighborhood's crack smoking champs in action. That's also the place where scummy people drink Joose and scream at each other. I predict that in an "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" move, these guys will be selling crack by the end of the summer.


Jim said...

Yeah, they should have done their homework first. Are the from Burien or something?

b23 said...

hi, Bedlam Coffee here...
oh, you know so little about us...
Burien? Try Downtown/BELLTOWN, for 25 years.
And yep, we sure did our homework.
Most people know that the number one thing crack dealers don't like, are our eyes, the dealers themselves could care less, but their customers get really nervous with people watching. So we watch, we stare, and yes we take pictures. With many friends in the SPD we even pass on details of what we see...oooh Bedlam is working with the police to clean up Belltown. You should come in and talk to us, really. When you see what we are trying to do and how we want more than anything to help Belltown shake off this shitty rep, for "murder marts" and crack whores, well maybe you'd like to join us. Or you can just go on laughing at our feeble efforts to make our neighborhood a little better.