Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did Somebody Say Something about Ed McMahon?

Oh right, he's dead. You know, he was an inspiration to us all. He showed us that you didn't have to possess any special talent to be famous. Sure, Ed could outdrink just about anybody, but that's not really a talent. About all he had to do for his entire career was stand (or sit) upright, talk and occasionally laugh. That's a hell of a way to make a living. People in showbiz these days seem to work a lot harder.

Ed's passing reminded me that I have his album. No lie; here it is:

It's completely terrible. He can't sing and his sense of tempo is sub-Lou Reed. From start to finish, it's awful. I have many, many other celebrity albums from Terry Bradshaw to George Hamilton to Florence Henderson to Telly Savalas and beyond, but I'd have to say that And me...I'm Ed McMahon is the worst. Compound that with the fact that he's responsible for Sinbad's career and in karmic-reincarnation universe, he's coming back as a hairless cat.

OK, so this doesn't have anything to do with Belltown. Wait, yes it does! I own the album. I keep it in my apartment in Belltown, so both the album and I live in Belltown. There's your Belltown connection. Go in peace.

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