Friday, June 12, 2009

This Week in Window Boxes

So I go away, don't water these guys for like five days, come back and all three boxes are absolutely jungular (containing traits or attributes of a jungle; I just made that word up!). Observe:

Just look at that! Growing things is fun! But I know how you people roll, so I'll give you the close-ups that you crave:

The godetias still have another month and a half of explosive growth before they bloom. The lobelias are already blooming and will continue to do so until God kills them. With the red flax (the box unlike the other two), who the hell knows? I've never grown it before. It might sprout legs and take over city hall for all I know. Let's hope it does.

Oh, and apologies for my filthy windows. It is beyond my control, since the Rivoli seldom hires guys for that task. They're more into getting guys to work on the antiquated plumbing. That's slightly more important than having a clear view to the outside world.

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