Monday, June 15, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Now that Night Flight's long run is over, let the revolving door begin again!

This looks kind of good. PJ Harvey is kind of skinny-hot, she has a large nose and a great voice. I don't know who this John Parish person is. Could he be related to Robert Parish, you know, the Chief? Although it appears interesting, I'm not going to go. I have to lose money at poker in the Rivoli's basement tomorrow night.

The Moore has done a semi-annoying thing; they've added an awning over their new automated ticket machine, like so:

This totally screws up my preferred vantage point. Look:

I must formulate a new one or else no one will know what's coming soon to the Moore! Plus, awnings are ugly and unnecessary in this town. It's always raining here (except for the last 26 days in a row), so people are used to getting wet. I'm kind of mad at the Moore right now.

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Jim said...

Now that's hideous!