Friday, June 26, 2009

In Case You're Interested...

The lovely Cinerama is showing Transformers 2. Me, I've vowed never again to see a movie based on a toy. OK, I did see the first Transformers movie, but the circumstances were special: it was 95 degrees outside. Inside the Cinerama it was something like 50. People were wearing coats and sweaters. Like almost everyone else there, I was escaping the heat. I didn't think Shia LaBoeuf was cool, I didn't think Megan Fox was hot, and I didn't think that the film was anything but patently absurd. But golly, was that theater ever chilly! After the show, I rejoined the "hot world" and spent the rest of the day sweating and reminiscing about how cold the Cinerama was. God bless the Cinerama!

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