Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dead Projects: It Ain't Necessarily So

Across the street from the mighty twin Westins at 5th & Stewart, like so:

...there is an unassuming parking lot, like so:

Somebody obviously has some pretty big plans for this property, because they've announced a joyous event with a sign:

True, the region's taggers haven't given the announcement the mad respect it deserves, but the long and short of it is that this undersized parking lot is totally gonna be the site of not one, but two 44-story towers. Really, the sign says so. Look:

OK, wait a second! That sign has obviously been there for quite a while. Could this be - yes, I think it is - a dead project?? Yeah, just putting up a sign doesn't make it so. They're gonna have to show me a lot more to convince me that this site won't be anything other than a parking lot in ten years' time.

And although the thought of two 44-story towers right on the edge of Belltown is really exciting, this project is not happening - not now, not ever. The signs fool no one.

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Jim said...

Had they given the project a name yet? That's when it gets really embarrassing.