Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh, the Humanity!

OK, this is in the Dukedom of Lower Queen Anne, but it's very close to Belltown. And yes, it's been closed for a while, but we need to talk about these things:

My friends, Mexiburger is no more. OK, so I never ate there or even considered eating there, but now that it's gone, I'm wondering exactly what a Mexiburger is. And honestly, it does sound interesting. Not appetizing, just interesting. I'm not exactly sure how these poor guys went out of business, because there are place down and across the street that are doing just fine. Maybe their lunch combo included a regular Mexiburger, medium Mexifries, a small Mexisoft drink and bag of pure heroin. Like I said, I have no idea. And now, there's no place for anyone to get a Mexiburger, which is kind of a shame. But how great of a loss is it really?

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Jim said...

The idea of a restaurant that calls itself "MEXIBURGER" sounds slightly unappealing to me but it is that intense yellow paint that must have really done them in.