Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trench-erous Work!

OK, no more dazzling wordplay for me. It can only get worse. In fact, it already has. Lordy, have we ever got a 2nd Avenue theme going on here! Well, I've been around the neighborhood today and this is where the action is, so why not? Look at this:

Postwar Europe? Sarajevo 1993? Detroit of the future? Nope, that's a continuation of yesterday's work at 2nd & Blanchard. Here's an action shot showing just how deep that trench they're digging is:

Yeah, it's as loud as it looks. The prime noise culprit is this metal monster with the sexy jackhammer attachment:

It's currently in repose here, but most of the time it's splitting pavement like nobody's bidness, sounding like a WWI machine gun and all. Speaking of the Great War (what was so great about it anyway?), they're digging trenches all along Bell Street. Add the one they're digging here and it's my theory that Belltown might be hosting a WWI reenactors convention. That would be cool. I hope it's like the real war, which was a competition between the Germans, who tried to kill as many Frenchmen as possible, and the British, who tried to kill the most Australians. Sadly, the British lost that contest, but ended up winning the war after Woodrow Wilson taught them how to fight, which was a pretty heavy achievement for a guy who wore little sissy glasses.

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