Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rubble One Block Away

Gee, I thought the city was going to do this all logical-like. I figured that if they were destroying one lane of 2nd beginning at Bell Street, they would probably move block by block. Wrong! Instead, they've leap-frogged my block at torn into Lenora and all parts south. Baroness von Jackhammer, who I predicted yesterday as visiting that area in a few weeks, is there now going full tilt. Here are a few pictures of the action:

As you can see, they're obviously in the "rubble and anger" portion of the production. Here's von Jackhammer during a brief lull in the von Jackhammering:

So yeah, those question marks from yesterday, remember those? All gone. The street didn't have time to uncover any existential answers. But honestly, does anybody? The answer is no.

And that's how the work goes. Hey, a few days I wrote about the orange-vests and their trench fetish, well, he's more trench porn from the corner of 2nd & Lenora for you:

I hope that turns you on.

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