Thursday, June 25, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

If you say the name "Railroad Earth" enough times, it doesn't sound that dumb. True, it still sounds a little dumb, just not monstrously so. It's the same way with bands like No Doubt, Less Than Jake, Boyz II Men, Color Me Badd, Limp Bizkit, the Danny Joe Brown Band Featuring Danny Joe Brown and System of a Down. Say them enough times and you'll feel less bad that you are stringing together those words.

Despite the silly name, I'm told that these Railroad Earth guys are some ace bluegrass players from New Jersey. OK, fine, I accept that, but couldn't they have called themselves the Garden State Ramblers or the Jersey Boys? No wait, that doesn't work; that's the name of that awful Frankie Valli vs. the Four Seasons musical! How about the Foggy Hoboken Gang or the Tri-State String Band? Yeah, those sound a lot better than Railroad Earth. You know, that name makes them sound like Scientologists. I can picture it now: "Before there was Battlefield: Earth, there was Railroad Earth. That's how all the guys got to the battlefield."

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks it sounds stupid/Scientological, but I'm sure their music passes muster. I'm not going, but it's nice to know that Belltown is open-minded enough to host some decent bluegrass every once in a while.

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