Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There's Something You Don't See Every Day!

Don't worry, this guy is very much alive, but just like Belltown's most durable bums, he finds the sidewalk irresistibly comfortable:

OK, I'm familiar with the concept of "dog shaving," but I just don't see it in practice. Ever. So seeing a shaved dog in front of La Vita E Bella at 2nd & Battery is a little surprising. Maybe it's an Italian thing. I'm pretty sure he belongs to one of the owners, because he's there a lot, all shaved and such. Here's a funny story about LVEB: I chased those guys around for months trying to get them to book my trio. Seriously, I was totally stalking them. Finally, they hired us. We played there for a few months. It wasn't the best gig in the world, but it was within walking distance for me, so that made it tremendously appealing. Everything seemed to be going fine but one evening an owner just up and fired us in the middle of the set - in fact, right smack in the midst of one of my solos. Yeah, it was pretty weird. He couldn't even tell us why. He just said it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Well, no duh. We all packed up, went off to the Two Bells, drank lots of yummy wine and laughed about it, because we were sounding very good at the time of our abrupt dismissal. And that's the only time I've gotten fired mid-gig. The shaved dog reminded me of all that.

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