Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thrilling Conclusions

Yesterday afternoon I was out in the wilds of Wedgwood playing backgammon. The last time I encountered this particular worthy opponent, I lost, which was the first time the guy had ever defeated me in a tournament (played to five games). This was mainly due to the fact that he rolled double sixes like nobody's business. I did manage to make it sporting and frighten my opponent somewhat, though, losing 3-5. Yesterday it was a different story. Observe:

I just had to take this picture to taunt the opposition. This is the result from the very first game. I was behind the entire way thanks to a lot of inferior rolls. And so it went until the last roll of the game. Those double sixes really came through for me in a big way. But the drama wasn't over:

This was the even-more-dramatic end of the second game. We were more evenly matched for this contest. To win, I needed at least a four and a one. Failing that, my opponent would automatically win. I got double twos. That was some bare minimal winning right there, folks. From that point on, things got nastier and more one-sided. There were take-outs and double take-outs and near full-on blockades and similar consternation. After almost getting gammoned, I won 5-2. Gosh, I love playing backgammon. You can act like a total crazy bastard and if you lose, you can blame it on the dice. It works out great.

Oh, and if you don't know how to play backgammon, I will teach you.

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